Creative Ways to Reuse Glass Jars

Whether it’s an old jar you dug up in the garage a used container of tomato sauce, these glass vessels can be reused in many different ways.

Recycled Jar Terrariums

Combine potting soil with rocks, seashells, and other adornments into an old glass jar. Add in several small succulents or plants inside and top it off with a lid. Keep your terrarium flourishing by placing it in the sunlight and adding a few sprays of water to maintain the soil’s moisture.

Flower Vase

Choose your favorite blooms to put in a used pickle jar. You can leave the jar plain or decorate it with twine, ribbon, fabric, or modge podge.

Painted Jars

Pick out your favorite colors to swirl around inside a mason jar. You can also hand-paint the outside surface with different designs to your choosing.

Hanging Vases

Securely wrap the lip of your jar with twine or metal. Knot an extra piece of material that’s long enough to hang from the ceiling. Make sure to reinforce the ties so that the jars won’t fall.

Illuminating Jars

Set a relaxing mood with some soft lighting. Put stringed lights inside your jar to illuminate it. If you want to avoid the wires, then put glow-in-the-dark paint inside for a green glow.


Organize your utensils, erasers, paperclips, and other desktop items in labeled jars.  Try labeling the jars with chalkboard material, for a rustic look. You can also store different spices, baking ingredients, and dried goods to keep your shelves in shape.


Use a jelly jar to make your own candles. Simply fit a wick with metal tab and add in heated beeswax. Put a few drops of essential oils such as jasmine or lavender for a relaxing scent.

Glass jars can be reused for a variety of purposes and decorations that can add a fun addition to your home. Pick up a jar and get creative!

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