Art Projects Using Broken Glass

Glass art in the form of sculptures, jewelry, and windows are often stunning pieces to have in your home. These works tend to be fragile and unfortunately can break. So if you have a shattered vase or just old colored bottles you’re looking to get crafty with, try one of these art projects using broken glass.

Framed Art

Find an old wooden frame at home or in a secondhand store. Piece together different pieces of glass to create a picture. Add in shells, sea glass, or starfish for a nautical theme.


Make a mishmash turtle with broken green glass. Use different colors to create shading and make your creature look more lifelike. You can also sketch out any other animal to form out of the glass shards.


Prepare mortar, using a set mold for its shape. After the mortar has set, place the pieces of broken glass in securely. You can add in broken tiles, stones, and shells as well. Follow a premade design or create a mixture of different colors for a rainbow sculpture.

You can also create hearts, circles, handprints, and letters with the mortar to give your artwork a fun shape. Choose a grout color that will accent your mosaic and use it to fill in between the pieces of glass. Once your piece has been set, and the excess material is wiped away, finish it off with a gloss to preserve it for years to come.

Glass Fusion

If you are a glassblower, then you can fuse your pieces of broken glass together. The glass must be of the same viscosity to properly fuse, so only use material from the same company. Make jewelry, soap dishes, or crazy sculptures by combining different pieces of together.

Tumble Art

If you don’t want to work with sharp pieces of glass, then place the pieces in a tumbler. This method will smooth the edges down, and create the appearance of sea glass, which can be used in jewelry or for filling up vessels to place around your house.  

Keep in mind that glass, especially broken glass, is very sharp. Use caution and gloves if available when dealing with the glass to avoid painful cuts and slivers.

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